Opportunity #21-Pacific Coast Trail Connections


Project would complete the Pacific Coast Trail Connections from South San Pedro to Anaheim St. along N. Gaffey, to Harry S. Bridges along Harbor Blvd. and John S. Gibson, along Pacific Ave. to Knoll Hill, within the Port of LA, and along connectors between the Harbor and upland San Pedro.

Opportunity #22-Pacific Ave. Metropolitan Green Street


Project would transform Pacific Ave. between 5th St. and 13th St. as per the recommendations for the Pacific Ave. Metropolitan Green Street Typology (See Needs Assessment Results). Enhancement would include raised landscape medians, rain gardens, landscape/outdoor dining bulb-outs, pedestrian lighting.

Opportunity #23-Downtown Core Green Streets


Project would transform 6th and 7th Streets between Pacific and Harbor into a one-way couplet with a full suite of Green Street enhancements designed to create a vibrant pedestrian-oriented environment with outdoor dining opportunities.

Opportunity #24-Downtown Parking & Alley Paseos


Project would convert existing alleys and parking lots into a network of urban paseos with pedestrian-oriented landscape enhancements that will “activate” underutilized pedestrian connections in Downtown San Pedro.

Opportunity #25-W. Channel Green Street-Park Western-Gaffey


Project will convert the unimproved parkway along Channel St. from N. Gaffey and John S. Gibson and Park Western Drive. The primary improvements would include construction of curbs & gutters, pedestrian pathways (sidewalks) and green parkways planted with trees and rain gardens as technically feasible. This pathway would connect the residents above Gaffey to the transit stops on Gaffey and at John S. Gibson/N. Pacific and shoppers from the transit stops to the stores on Western Ave.

Opportunity #26-22nd St. Brownfield Reclamation

Project would convert an existing brownfield along 22nd St. near Miner St. into a park-type environment like that which exists at the 22nd St. Park.

Opportunity #27-Alma Park Historic Restoration

Project would restore the “natural watershed functionality” that once existed at Alma Park and the existing cut stone retaining and seat walls in the upper and lower “grotto” areas, while protecting the existing historic landscape elements.

Opportunity #28-N. Pacific Hillside Restoration

Project would restore the south side hillside area long N. Pacific between Front St and Channel. This would include re-purposing of the current industrial land use to open space.

Opportunity #29-San Pedro Cyn. Restoration to Pacific Ave.

Project would restore “nature’s services” along 6th Street following the natural drainage pattern of San Pedro Canyon prior to the installation of storm drains, and providing viable pedestrian connections between the remnants of San Pedro Canyon, and existing streets/sidewalks all the way to Pacific Ave. This is perhaps the major “upland” connection to Downtown San Pedro. Improvements include rain gardens within existing parkways along both 1st and 6th Streets from Western Ave. to Pacific Ave.

Opportunity #30-S. Pacific Traffic Calming Green Street

Project would address traffic safety issues between 26th St. and Shepard by constructing traffic calming measures such as bulb-outs and textured paving at key intersections as well as bioswales in the wide parkways.

Opportunity #31-San Pedro Recycled Water Connection

Project would construct a line to bring recycled water from the newly installed line between Terminal Island and Machado Lake into San Pedro along N. Gaffey St.

Opp. #32-Bandini Cyn/Caltrans/Leland East Water Capture.....

Project would construct stormwater capture improvements to collect water from the Bandini Canyon and Leland Park East sub-watersheds for ground- water recharge and re-use.