Opportunity #1-Urban Forest Ecosystem Restoration

Project will plant 1500-2000 trees within San Pedro - street trees, open space and private property "adopted" trees; will transform over 30,000 sq. ft. of former turf areas; install smart irrigation to support more drought tolerant landscapes; place mulch to conserve water; install a bioswale at the Caltrans "Triangle" property; and install residential rain gardens.


Opportunity #1 - Urban Forest Ecosystem Restoration

Tree Planting

Project includes planting 1500-2000 total trees - areas will include streets, parks, other open space areas, landscape medians, and residential properties (See also Opportunity #8)


Schematic of bioswale depicting flow and function.

Rain Gardens

Example of low tech residential parkway rain garden that can be installed along streets with parkways at least 4 ft. wide.

Smart Irrigation


“Smart” irrigation systems control the timing of the watering cycles based on soil moisture content, weather conditions and breaks in the pipes that supply the water to the planting areas. It also means using low flow non-spray (e.g., drip emitters or bubbler heads) or micro-spray sprinkler heads instead of larger spray heads whenever possible. The control systems can be programmed to irrigate the planting areas for specified lengths of time that can be changed with the seasons, so the water cycle is appropriate for the time of year. 

Turf Replacement


Project will replace turf in medians, parkways and on private property (Also See Opportunity #9) with drought tolerant landscapes


Water conserving mulch being added to tree planting areas at Caltrans "Triangle" in May 2017

Green Street Elements


Bioswales/Rain Gardens

Outdoor Dining

Bike Lanes, Signage & Facilities

Pedestrian Lighting

Other Active Transportation

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